:: TOPICS ::

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:: Convenient::

"RenWeb is way ahead of other school management systems. Its 24/7 availability and revolutionary features like Pay Now make it convenient and easy to use for parents and teachers alike. Now teachers can calculate their grades at home, and through Pay Now, parents can put money in their child's account in a matter of minutes. That's pretty sweet!"
- Brooks Kennedy
Fort Worth Christian School, TX

:: Easy-to-Use::

"RenWeb's interface is so user-friendly. We barely used PowerSchool because we didn't know how to! With RenWeb, I don't have to input information multiple times, and once information is entered, it's available in real time!"
- Todd Glandorf
Joy Christian School, AZ

:: Connected ::

"We love RenWeb software because it is family-oriented. It not only gives you the functionality you need, but it gets you in the spirit of communicating with and serving the family. Communication between home and school is critical in any private school, and RenWeb's email and ParentsWeb features facilitate and enhance that communication."

"We love RenWeb’s approach to organizing information by family, which improved our ability to communicate with and serve our families. RenWeb’s email and ParentsWeb features really enhanced our connection with parents because now they see all their children’s academic information through one login."
- Bill Chaney
Davidson Academy, TN

:: Accessible ::

"RenWeb is great because parents are able to access everything from their child's grades and attendance to school activities. We love ParentsWeb because it allows parents to keep up with their children, which is especially useful when they come to high school and stop communicating with their parents voluntarily! "

"We were drawn to RenWeb’s online gradebook and their web-based approach so we didn’t have to manage and back up our servers here. We were impressed that RenWeb provided everything we needed in one solution, and that we were able to access our information via the Internet from anywhere."
- Shirley Smith
Columbia Academy, TN

:: Streamlined::

"Before we converted to RenWeb, we had to use three separate programs just to manage the school, configure grades, and update parents. Now, RenWeb has replaced all three with one program!"
-Jim Virtue
The Master’s Academy, FL

:: Seamless ::

"Other software is made up of features owned by different companies that have to communicate with one another. But RenWeb is self-contained and very affordable—they have the total package!"
- Clarence Oudman
Covenant Christian High School, IN

:: Efficient & Flexible ::

"RenWeb is consistently accurate and efficient. Its flexibility allows us to manage all aspects of school life from attendance to grades. RenWeb gives us everything we need for effective school administration."
- Louise Bartosik
St. Thomas Aquinas, TX

:: Reliable ::

"RenWeb is a lifesaver; I don't know how we existed at my school without it. RenWeb makes running the office go a lot more smoothly. Our old software system was a pain to use--every time we needed help, we had to send them a zip file attached to an email, and every year we received our annual upgrade, our system would crash. It was just a headache. With RenWeb, the tech support can look at the same screen you're looking at, and they back up all their information online."

"With RenWeb, because it’s web-based, their support person can look at your screen and see the same data you are looking at. With Hunter Systems, we’d have to zip a file with our data and email it to them to view. Working with RenWeb is just much more convenient and made running our office go a lot more smoothly."
-James Drury
Southwest Christian Academy, AR

"We were one of RenWeb's first schools nearly six years ago and are so grateful for its reliability and dependable service. By using this automated system, we have gained time to focus on the important rather than losing time completing everything by hand. We are particularly excited about the email feature that enables us to distribute progress reports and report cards in just a few clicks. We believe in this product!"
- Gretchen Montgomery
Prince of Peace Community School, TX

:: Service ::

"Their tech support and programming staff goes above and beyond to help us get the custom reports we need at an affordable price in a timely manner. They always listen to our concerns and find a way to make it work for us."
- Marena Lewis
Whitfield School, MO

:: Affordable ::

"We just opened our school this past summer, and RenWeb was there to help us get up and running. Not only does it enhance parent-teacher communication, but it is easily accessible and--most important for us as a small school--affordable. RenWeb was the most cost-effective option we could find, and when used to its full capacity it is well worth every cent."
- Gina Cordle
Northern Virginia Christian Academy, VA

:: Transparent ::

"With Rediker, we had to purchase every module or subset separately, even email. RenWeb gives us everything in one package and allows us to connect with our financial program."
- Thurban Warrick
Trinity Christian Schools, NV

:: Time Saving ::

"Before we switched to RenWeb, we completed everything by hand. It was extremely time intensive and kept us from focusing on what was truly important. RenWeb saves us time and streamlines the incredible amount of information our school has to process. We have gained an entire day each grading period simply by using the email feature to distribute progress reports and report cards in just a few clicks--RenWeb is awesome!"
- Gretchen Montgomery
Prince of Peace Community School, TX

:: Sage Integration ::

"We initially made the decision to switch to RenWeb because we wanted to better connect with our parents and give them online access to their children’s academic information in a way that was easy for our teachers. RenWeb’s ParentsWeb gave us that.

Then they showed us Sage. We learned that it was integrated with RenWeb’s Student Billing and Academic feature set and quickly saw that it had reporting capabilities that far exceeded what we had and desperately needed.

When you add in RenWeb’s PayNow capability for our parents to pay for miscellaneous fees online from the ParentsWeb, and RenWeb’s PayEasy feature that allowed our school to manage in a simple and automated fashion our own scheduled EFTs for monthly tuition payments, we knew RenWeb and Sage had the complete financial solution for our school."

- Ruben Rodriguez
Mount Pisgah Christian School, GA